I’m an indie author. So after paying for laptop, software, printer, toner, and ALL the coffee, just buying something off the dollar menu at Chez Macs will seriously eat into the profits from my new book.

Paying for someone to make a book trailer for my new release is a lovely dream, like winning the lottery, getting taller, or having the pandemic end so I can get my hair done and my eyebrows mowed. But thanks to the miracle of free software templates, iPhones with nice cameras, and the entire population of India joining the cast, I have a sparkly new trailer for Please Don’t Ask For Extra Glasses.

And I’ve got something to celebrate! Amazon is showing Please Don’t Ask for Extra Glasses as the #1 New Release in General India Travel Guides. (No, I don’t want to think about how many other new travel guides were published in this obviously smoking hot category… I’m basking here people.)

Anyway, I hope this inspires each of you to stretch your own creative muscles. Well, obviously, first buy Please Don’t Ask for Extra Glasses, read it, and then commence stretching.