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Second Best Valentine Ever?**

I am so excited to introduce our new book, Please Don’t Ask For Extra Glasses, the second book in our series, Your Camels Are Here.

After our travel adventures the year before in which none of us technically died—although at times it seemed an attractive option—my two long-suffering travel companions, Jaya and Janine, actually agreed to another India trip. This time, we chose Rajasthan as a destination, mostly in hopes it would be as far as possible from people who might remember us from last year.

Join us as we crash a wedding our first night, fall victim to an ancient curse, ride camels across a desert and elephants up a mountain—and eat our way across Rajasthan in search of adventure, elephants, temples, palaces, western toilets, monkeys, the perfect paratha… and the kindness of Indian strangers.

Book 1 in this series—Do Not Wash Hands In Plates—was ranked at the top of several Amazon categories and marketplaces. It told our story: three friends for over 40 years who come from Scotland, India, and the USA in search of adventure, western toilets, and parathas.

Five-star reviews of the first book in this series say:

—”There is no way you cannot chortle, guffaw and laugh out loud at this hilarious trip diary. Welcome to India.”

—”Barb’s writing is entertaining, the travelogue was informative and Jaya’s and Janine‘s pictures were wonderful.” 

—”I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a quick getaway without leaving home.”

 If you like your trips filled with laughter and misadventure, if you’d like a mini virtual-vacation during the pandemic, or if you just want a quick and funny read, I hope you’ll take a look.

**Well, maybe the best valentine ever, after the one my son gave me when he was six. It had a drawing of an elephant, and the carefully written lines:

I will love you when you are saggy and baggy.

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day❣️