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Sadly, this isn’t a new story. Just a new name.

Sabina Nessa, a young woman taking a five-minute walk to join a friend at a pub in London, was found murdered this week.

Calling on women to stop being victims has never worked.

Calling on men to stop allowing, ignoring, or committing violence isn’t working either. 


The story we SHOULD have read:

LONDON: In the wake of the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard Sabina Nessa, police in London have been going door-to-door urging all men to stay inside after dark and remain vigilant. In the latest MET briefing, Superintendent Daryl Stiff-Upper issued a statement:

“Clearly, our top priority is safety of our citizens. We all accept that men cannot be expected to control themselves at the provocation provided by women walking, breathing, or existing in their sight. Therefore, starting immediately, we urge all men to take the following basic precautions.

      • When at all possible, do not go out after dark.
      • If you are working late or going out is unavoidable, text your partner and/or mother before you leave, and when you arrive home safely. Be sure to include your destination and current location.
      • If going out is unavoidable, make sure you are in a group with others to discourage inappropriate or criminal activity.
      • Stick to well-lighted areas with plenty of camera coverage.
      • Further, you should think about careers where you will not need to be in public, and where you won’t have to risk the danger of travel or potentially dangerous exposure to the opposite sex. This is, obviously, for your own safety.
      • Under no circumstances should you take a walk at night, answer your door, or make eye contact with a member of the opposite sex.
      • Your clothing should be extremely conservative as you don’t want to appear to be “looking for it”.
      • Obviously, you’ll want to limit social activities involving alcohol, because anything that happens to you under the influence is your own fault.

In the light of continued protests at Clapham Junction, we feel these proposed actions are urgently needed for the safety of all.”

In other news, Members of Parliament including Baroness Jones are  considering a curfew on men after 6 PM. Angry fathers are calling for “Make the Streets Safe From For Our Sons” marches. Safety first.

The bargain we NEVER made.

For more on women paying for a bargain we never made, please see Amanda Taub’s Interpreter column for the New York Times:**

The “Reclaim These Streets” movement in Britain asks why the police demand sacrifices of women rather than forcing men to change to end violence.

**Well, yes. My daughter, of whom I could not be more proud. 

Police line before breaking up vigil for Sarah Everard in London. Wayne Couzens, a police officer, has been charged with her murder. Mourners are holding up mobile phones. 13 March, 2021.