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Some time ago I stumbled across They Fight Crime!,  Andrew Wheeler & Alasdair Watson’s crack addictive meme-generator. [UPDATE Oct. 11, 2013: the original meme generator has disappeared. Luckily for us nerds left behind, Paul Makepeace’s Toys have reproduced it here.] Each click brings up a new logline, such as:

  • He’s a one-legged dishevelled senator living undercover at Ringling Bros. Circus. She’s an enchanted junkie soap star with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!
  • He’s an unconventional albino photographer haunted by memories of ‘Nam. She’s a hard-bitten snooty college professor in the wrong place at the wrong time. They fight crime!
  • He’s a jaded ninja stage actor on the wrong side of the law. She’s a disco-crazy goth widow with the power to see death. They fight crime!

So here’s my challenge. If you can manage to stop clicking “try again”, pick one meme and write a short story. Link back to this post, and I’ll publish all links. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here is the one I got:

He’s an ungodly soccer-playing card sharp on a mission from God. She’s a beautiful punk fairy princess with with her own daytime radio talk show. They fight crime!

They Fight Crime! — the radio-princess and the soccer-playing card sharp’s  story is posted here.  (please do take a look. Your comments would be greatly appreciated!)

The Troll Under the Bridge

Seattle Meme: The Troll Under the Bridge (Photo credit: Shemp65)