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More hilarity from Amanda Taub at Wronging Rights:

photo credit:  http://goo.gl/M2h2DO

photo credit: http://goo.gl/M2h2DO

The Recently-Discovered Secret Diary of Kim Jong Un’s Ski Instructor, Alex

Day 1:
“Ski instructor” is the best job in entire world. Today, sky was clear, powder was perfect … and yours truly was hired by group of NBA stars! Dennis Rodman! And other less famous NBA players whom I did not recognize! All v. exciting.

(Philosophical question: why is satisfaction of being excellent ski instructor less than satisfaction of being more awesome at skiing than “The Worm”?)

Day 2:
Love job! Best job job eversss. More Rodman skiings then brilliant night at bar with brilliant new friends Rodman and other new Korean friends. Me and Rodman going to start cover band singing Backstreet Boys songs, thing will be a big hit. …(more)