Don’t miss this terrific deal (can’t beat FREE!) on a terrific series.

Crystin Goodwin

As promised, day one of my Blessings of Myrillia eBook sale is underway! What better time to dive into a new fantasy series than when the first book is free?

I dunno, maybe when you can get the sequel for 99 cents?

Here’s links, descriptions, and pictures – just because. 😀

UnBlessed – free!ebook cover - large

New Second Edition with bonus material!

Kisara Tenebris is a Melior: one of the elemental magic users that populate the world of Myrillia. Every aspect of Melior life is dictated by their Blessing, or ability, with the rarest and most powerful earning a spot on the ruling council.

Kisara dreams of the day she’ll receive her own Blessing and take her place among society. But when she’s unBlessed year after year, left behind by her friends – and the boy she loves – she can’t help but wonder
what she did wrong.

Instead, Kisara must discover…

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