I’m still dancing around the kitchen after reading this wonderful review from the even-more-wonderful Ritu!


But I Smile Anyway...

Yes, another day, another book!

This time I am reviewing Barb Taub’s hilarious book, Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies. It is a collection of essays written by Barb through her life as a columnist for several papers, and if you enjoy it, there are so many more on her blog!


I met Barb for the first time at the second Annual Bloggers Bash Awards in London, way back in 2016. I had won a competition and was awarded a special bracelet to commemorate one of her fiction works from the Null City series.

Check out Barb’s books here.

I can confirm she is as bubbly as her blog posts sound!

I have also read Do Not Wash Hands In Plates – a memoir of hers from travelling around India which was fantastic too.

This book I had on my Kindle, ready to read…

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