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People keep asking what I’ve seen of Florence since we moved here two weeks ago. The truth is that I’m still in lockdown mode, so if I see people without masks, I don’t go there. So far I haven’t done much in Florence except go from one Italian bureaucracy to another.

But along the way I saw:

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the symbol of Florence known as the Duomo, construction started 1256. Seats 30,000 non-socially-distancing believers, or just me. (my history fix).

The Apple Store in Piazza della Repubblica (my techie fix)

Gelato! (cantaloupe and lemon, my sweet tooth fix)

The Everybody-Should-Like-Everybody offices of the minder who trotted us around to get the Leave to Remain stamps (my ‘who needs recreational drugs?’ fix)

The roller-skating waitress with the interesting facemask at the American Diner (my ‘who needs the States?’ fix)

Typical local boulevard, which occasionally scrapes the car on one side or another, all to the accompaniment of Italians honking at us to get the hell out of their way. (my ‘staring death in the face’ fix)

The “Posuerunt Me Custodum” (I’m watching you) statue of Mary guarding our street (my ‘who needs a burglar alarm when God’s mom is watching?’ fix)

And back home? A rainbow over the 15th century convent on the opposite hill. (My ‘I think there’s a message there somewhere…’ fix)