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Last night in Rome, we popped out for gelato.

In just a few blocks we saw:


Fontana delle Naiadi (Fountain of the Naiads) in the Piazza della Repubblica. Originally built in 1888.

And this.

Church of Santa Susanna, built 1693 and considered to be the first baroque facade.

And this.

Fontana del Mosé (Fountain of Moses) built in 1585.

And okay, this.

Pope Sixtus V restored the ancient Roman aqueduct and commissioned Domenico Fontana to build the Fontana of Moses to provide fresh water for local residents. I saw people filling their water bottles last night.

Then we ate this.

Chocolate Boob (Affogato, of course!) The perfect dessert. Vanilla gelato covered with chocolate gelato, enrobed in chocolate with a shot of espresso. Two spoons please.

So why would anyone ever leave Italy?

Oh, yeah…

Scottish sunrise from my front porch. That works too.